Responsible Investing

Building America carries on a long tradition of responsible investing that reflects the values of working people and their communities. As a subsidiary of the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust, Building America is part of the AFL-CIO Investment Program – one of the most experienced socially responsible investment programs in the country, with nearly 45 years of creating union jobs, developing and preserving affordable housing, and strengthening the fabric of communities. This program has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to live affordably in quality union-built housing and thousands more to earn family-supporting union wages. It also has a proven track record in mobilizing public, private, and community resources to address urgent development needs.

Building America expands on this mission of responsible investing by using New Markets Tax Credits to attract private capital for community-based projects that would not otherwise be built – projects that generate union construction jobs and permanent employment in local communities – that build safe, attractive neighborhoods where working people can find employment and raise their families.

Building America is working to further leverage the HIT’s socially responsible approach to investing to open new opportunities for upward mobility for community residents employed on development projects through the apprenticeship training and skill upgrading programs offered through the joint union-employer apprenticeship system.