About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Building America CDE, Inc., is to help transform low-income neighborhoods through new investments that promote community development and generate needed jobs, including union construction jobs. We believe that all communities in this country have the right to become their best vision of themselves. Building America was created to help achieve this vision.

Building America’s primary role is to help raise capital and facilitate loans and otherwise support community development. As a certified Community Development Entity (CDE), Building America makes use of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs) to help fill financing gaps for development projects that benefit the residents of distressed neighborhoods. In allocating NMTCs, we give priority to:

(1) large mixed-use urban development projects with at least a 20% commercial component, and

(2) healthcare facilities, specifically those financed through FHA.

Building America is currently financing several such investments and is seeking others that could benefit from NMTC equity.

Investment Activities

Building America seeks projects that meet a “but for” test: if not for the NMTC investment, the project would not be fully financed and, more importantly, the community would not see the benefits of the project. We also seek to work with others in the NMTC community to provide leverage loans.

Building America’s overall activities help revitalize distressed communities by:

  • Investing in, lending to, or providing technical assistance to businesses that are located in low-income communities and/or owned by low-income persons; 

  • Investing in or providing loans to support the development and/or rehabilitation of commercial properties and affordable housing developments that are located in low income communities;

  • Investing in, lending to, or providing technical assistance to organizations engaged in activities that promote affordable housing, business development, community development, and job creation in low-income communities or for the benefit of low income persons;

  • Investing in, lending to, or providing technical assistance to enterprises that have as their objectives the education and training of low income persons; or

  • Investing in such other institutions, entities and/or enterprises that facilitate the accomplishment and achievement of our objectives and mission.